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Child Actors Who Got REAL Ugly


1 I See Ugly People

In the years since he creeped us out on The Sixth Sense and as a robot boy on A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Haley Joel Osment has grown up and put on a noticeable few extra pounds. And those formerly haunting doe-eyes now just seem oddly small and close together.


2 It’s a Wonder the Toll the Years Take

Jason Hervey played Fred Savage’s older brother Wayne in The Wonder Years. In the years since, Hervey left Hollywood and went into the PR biz. He found himself out of a job after the firm where he was vice president, the medical conglomerate HealthSouth, found itself in a nasty fraud scandal. And the stress shows.


3 This Face Couldn’t Be Saved by the Bell

Lark Voorhies, aka Lisa Turtle, was a trendy rich girl on Saved By the Bell in the early ’90s. A wizened Voorhies has recently shown up for several interviews sporting an untrendy amount of makeup to go along with rambling incoherence that has made many question her mental health.


4 Don’t Leave Your Kids Home Alone With This Guy

Since America fell in love with him during the Home Alone series, Macaulay Culkin hasn’t done much, unless you count getting busted for possession of Xanax and Klonopin and receiving three one-year suspended sentences. Recent photos show that if there’s another Home Alone sequel, he’d be cast as one of the burglars.


5 Runt of the Family Ties Litter

When the Keatons had another child on Family Ties, Brian Bonsall filled to bill as the blond-haired sprout that big brother Alex doted on. Since then Bonsall has formed a rock band and been arrested and convicted of assault more than once. So we have gotten to see the grown-up Andy Keaton in his mugshots. Dude, what’s with the butterfly?


6 One Dose at a Time

To say Mackenzie Phillips has led a rough life would be a gross understatement. She holds the distinction of having been fired from the show that made her famous, One Day at a Time, twice due to showing up at work high. As recently as 2008 she was convicted for showing up at airport security sporting cocaine and heroine.


7 Freaky Friday … and Saturday … and Sunday …

How many decades has it been since Lindsay Lohan melted our hearts as adorable twins in The Parent Trap? Actually only one and a half. Five years later she again gave a winning performance in Freaky Friday alongside Jamie Lee Curtis.
Since then she has proven to be a true triple threat — alcoholic, drug abuser and thief. And numerous booking photos, courtroom videos and drunken after-parties show the resulting wear on her face.


8 “Come On Get Happy”

Could any list of homely used-to-be child actors been complete without Danny Bonaduce? Of all the child stars who have wrecked their lives, this onetime Partridge Family cutie has done the most to embrace his turbulent past and turned it into a career. Of all the people on this list, we feel that Bonaduce would be the first to agree — even embrace — the fact that he belongs here.


9 Webster over 40

Emmanuel Lewis was adorable as the 4-foot-3 orphan taken in by Alex Karras and Susan Clark on Webster, playing a 6-year-old when he was actually 12. Unfortunately, Lewis never got any taller, and he now seems to be almost as wide. To add insult to injury, he’s hit turbulent financial times. After a stint on The Surreal Life, he lost his Atlanta-area home to foreclosure.


10 Opie’s Funny-looking Brother

Clint Howard has parlayed being Ron Howard’s kid brother into quite a lucrative career. We first met him offering bites of his sandwich to passersby on the streets of Mayberry as Leon on Andy Griffith. He is now arguably to oddest-looking character actor in Hollywood. We should have known when, without the assistance of much makeup, he was cast as Balok the child-alien on the original Star Trek series.