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Celeb Makeup Fails


15 Creepy Kim

If there ever was a time to say ‘Kim Kardashian, put the makeup down and step away’, then this would be it. She looks like a creepy doll! But on a more serious note, that amount of makeup can’t be too good for her skin…This is makeup taken to the extreme.

14 Barrymore’s Blunder

Drew Barrymore wasn’t always so clean-cut on the red carpet! We’re not exactly sure what was going on in her head when she decided to pack on so much white powder that it even ended up in her hair…

13 Unbelievable Brooke

Is that really you Brooke Shields? The star looks like she’s taken makeup tips from a drag queen to end up with this unbelievably bad look!

12 Hilton’s Tan

Paris Hilton was so addicted to tanning, that she almost turned into an orange oompa loompa! Notice the tan has even spread through to her hairline? This is one makeup mistake we would hate to see repeated.

11 Crazy Kesha

We know the singer is always ‘out there’, but this crazy makeup look takes it to a whole new level! Raccoon makeup will never be a good thing Kesha!

10 Patchy Uma

Uma Thurman’s patchy and powdery face has become one of the most notable celebrity makeup fails of all time. Have these celebrities not heard of blending their makeup for an even look?

9 Clown Kelly

Kelly Osbourne may have become a fashion icon of late, however this flashback of her past comes as quite a bit of a shock! What was she thinking smudging on that sickly shade of pink lipstick? And those eyes? Way too over-the-top we think.

8 Terrible Tyra!

Tyra Banks may be a mentor to many aspiring models, but it seems as though sometimes the supermodel herself can’t even get her makeup correct! The smudged black eyes and neon pink lipstick do nothing for her fine features.

7 Bronzed-Nose Catherine

Catherine Zeta-Jones usually looks so polished on the red carpet, but it seems here that she had a little mishap with the bronzer! That patch of glittery brown on the tip of her nose makes this a definite makeup fail.

6 Zombie Taylor

We know Taylor Momsen rocks the ‘panda eye’ look, but we think this time she’s gone way too far! There’s a fine line between perfecting the grunge look and looking like a zombie…

5 Nicole’s Nose

Leading lady Nicole Kidman surely ‘nose’ better than to apply so much white powder that it becomes very visible indeed…

4 Pamela’s Pout

Oh Pamela Anderson, how could you leave the house looking like this? There’s the uneven Cleopatra eyes for a start, as well as the visible lip-liner which is a few too many shades darker than her lipstick!

3 Meester’s Mask

Leighton Meester usually gets it so right on the red carpet, but here the starlet has made the all too common mistake of applying foundation that is too many shades lighter than her actual skin color. She looks like she’s wearing a mime mask!

2 Tan-Loving Lindsay

Not only has Lindsay Lohan become a bit of a lost cause lately, but her makeup seems to have gone down-hill also. She looks like she fell asleep in a tanning booth! And those lips? Not a good look!

1 Eva’s Eyes

We hope by now that actress Eva Longoria realizes the only thing worse than having dark circles under her eyes is having white circles instead…