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Photos That Will Make You Look Twice


15 Mutant Commuter

Here is a dog casually riding the train to work; her arms look so soft and smooth! Oh wait . . .

14 Ugly Baby

That baby looks like he’s seen some years of hard living, that’s a face only a Mother could love . . .

13 Do Her Hands Stink?

This woman must have a really easy time walking on her hands . . .

12 Is it . . . it’s not.

There is a man’s hand and a baby’s arm in this picture, can you spot them?

11 Ride ‘Em Tex

Here’s a picture of a tiny man riding a woman riding on a boat. How meta! Can you spot his tiny little shoes?

10 Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter

The girl in the white tanktop is wearing jeans; you’re only seeing what you want to see.

9 The Gun Show

This girl’s large hairy bicep is kind of weird, almost as weird as her decision to wear a denim vest . . .


Did the player in the blue helmet decapitate the player in red with the world’s most powerful left hook? Is he fighting the invisible man?

7 Baby’s Got Back

That baby has some long legs and some serious junk in the trunk . . . wait, what?

6 Who’s Carrying Who?

That girl with the big waist and chunky, hairy legs is doing an excellent job carrying her boyfriend, it’s probably because his legs are so short and narrow . . .

5 Double Life

We are pretty sure that there is, in fact, only one man in those hideous brown slacks.

4 Who Wears Short Shorts?

You can see what this girl sees in this dude, he’s got a really nice, smooth, slim, toned pair of legs. Nice sandals too! Wait a minute, we’re not sure if those are his girlish legs . . .

3 Viva La Revolucion

Although this does look like a heated political debate, this TV News personality is in fact not threatening the anchor with an AK-47.

2 Head Shrinker

This man has a tiny head; I wonder how his brain can support his entire body with that tiny little head?

1 Man Hands

Now that he’s graduated, this kid has really got a leg up in life, or maybe a hand up? Does this kid have a giant man-hand?