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33 Insanely Clever Things Your Small Apartment Needs


You don’t have to inhabit a huge space to be livin’ large.


The Unhampered Collapsible Laundry Basket

Folds up into a shred of nothing. Get it here for $29.


The Toilet Paper and Magazine Holder in One

All other toilet paper roll holders should just go out of business. Buy it here for $39.


The Vertical Wine Rack

Because if you are sacrificing one thing in your small space, it will NOT be your alcohol. Get it here for $63.


A DIY Shelf Bar If entertaining guests means anything at all to you, then you will make this happen.


Slide-in Spice Rack

You can have your marjoram and eat it, too. Get it here for $9.

Or do it the DIY way: make this brilliant in-cabinet spice rack yourself. Find the directions here


Over-the-Fridge Snack Caddy

You can either call up PBteen and beg them to re-release this product, or you could easily sew one together or create one by cutting up a shoe organizer.


Grundtal Towel Holder for Ties and Belts

Or use it to put together tomorrow’s outfit. When not in use, it lies against the wall to save space. $14.99 from IKEA


An All-In-One Cabinet That Swivels

It’s a mirror! It’s a bulletin board! It’s a coat rack! Finally, a piece of furniture that is all things to all people. Available for $249 from Solutions


An Under-Cabinet Knife Drawer

Can these drawers just come standard with every kitchen from here on out? Check out this site for directions on how to get this space-saving drawer.


A Hot Iron Holster 100% essential for anyone with a pedestal sink. Get it here for $34.99.


The Couch Arm Wrap

It spells the E-N-D for your end table. Available from Etsy


Corner Dish Rack

For those with achingly precious counter real estate. Get it here


The Folding Ottoman Bed

This ottoman goes so beyond its call of duty. Buy it here


Sliding Shelves for Cabinets

They ain’t pretty, but you’ll get so much more use out of those awkward spaces. Get them here


Cord Balls

They’re like little hungry munchkins that will “eat” up to five feet of cable to keep your media centers and office spaces clutter-free.


An Over-the-Faucet Shelf for Toiletries

Your tiny sink will look at you and wonder how you never thought of this before. Buy it here for $15.


IKEA-Hacked Wall-Hung Lamp

Using a corded lamp and a wall shelf bracket from IKEA, you can make a wall-hung lamp that doesn’t take up any floor or table space.


A Slide-Out Pantry in 6” of Space

If you’ve ever yearned for the vast pantries of suburban homes, you can finally own a little sliver of that dream. Get the directions here


A Cabinet Door Wastebasket

You can’t call yourself a minimalist and keep your trash out IN PLAIN SIGHT. Buy it here for $13.


A Ceiling-Hung Garment Rack

So much better than one of those janky free-standing garment racks. Get the directions here


Shower Rod Hooks

This almost stupidly simple concept will make you wonder how you never thought of this before. Find out more about these newfangled things here


A Shower Curtain with POCKETS

Buy this as a passive-aggressive gesture towards your roommate who keeps her 13 different shampoos all around the rim of the bathtub. $14 from


An Upholstered Storage Headboard If you are an adult, it’s time to get that bed off the floor and invest in an awesome headboard. Get it here


A Hidden Jewelry Holder Behind a Painting

Behold, the magical power of hinges. Created by this genius


The Laundry Pod

At ~$100, this tiny workhorse is much cheaper than a washing machine and can fit 5-10 garments at once.


The Shoe Ottoman

For those of us who can’t help but have a chronic case of shoe overflow. Get a similar one here


Nesting Bowls with Measuring Cups

Not only is it super functional and space-saving, but it looks like a cross-section of the world’s most beautiful Gobstopper. Get the set here for $30.


The Hook-On Balcony Desk

Just tell your boss you’ll be working from home FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Available for 183€ here


An All-In-One Over-the-Sink Cutting Board

It even doubles as a produce-washing station. You will never look at a cutting board the same way again. Get it here for $45.


Magnetic Stickers

Keeps your everyday grooming tools in arm’s reach. $15 for a set of 3.


The Mirror/Ironing Board

Possibly the most well-designed ironing board ever created. Inquire here for more information.


Folding Wall-Mounted BBQ Pod

In case your tiny home has also got a tiny backyard. Get more information here


A Fold-Up Cheese Grater ISN’T IT GRATE. Get it from Amazon for $18.